Behind the Brand
CANOE is an young enterprise Indian men wear brand owned by
Norspin International Pvt Ltd.
“NORSPIN INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD” is an MNC based at Gurugram (NCR) India.
This company is a subsidiary of KAMADAR INTERNATIONAL group which is located
at Indonesia. Kamdar group are running fabric  business into more than seven counties (Poland ,Dubai,
Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, South Africa, China & India). These all offices textiles worldwide since last 27 years.
The CANOE Brand is the next step in garment fashion to give something different to our valuable customers. The inspiration and design thoughts with support of our Europe office.  The Brand collection is crafted with high-quality fabric from worldwide mills, designed and manufactured a range of world-class garments for men’s wear- e.g suits, wedding wear jackets, blazers, bombers, trousers,  shirts,  denims, sportswear & accessories.  We think always Steadfastly focused towards quality, innovation and value for money. the brand is growing by leaps and bounds and is now present in over 20 exclusive brand stores, more than 150 multi-brand outlets stores across the country.